The first round table held in preparation for the sixth RECCA conference

The first round table held in preparation for the sixth RECCA conference

The first round table held in preparation for the sixth RECCA conference

Kabul - The first round table meetings to coordinate and prepare for the Sixth Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) on the rail and road projects held today in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting is co-chaired by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E Mr. Atiqullah Atefmal and Noor Gul Mangal, Deputy Minister of Public Works.

H.E Mr. Atiqullah Atifmal, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke about the importance of Regional Economic Cooperation Conference for Afghanistan.

He added that in this important economic cooperation conference which will be held on 3-4 September, 2015 delegations of more than 70 countries and international and regional organizations

He added, RECCA is an important regional economic cooperation led by Afghanistan, saying: "as you know, the sixth RECCA conference is due on 3 and 4 September, 2015 in Kabul and about 70 countries and international and regional organizations will take part”.

H.E the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan pays much attention to economic cooperation in the region. Difficulties in the implementation of railways and roads must be discussed in transparent, clear and serious framework with foreign donors in RECCA conference, as well as previous agreements should be followed.

Mr. Atifmal calls for close cooperation with relevant ministries and agencies to provide detailed information on progress and obstacles to these projects in order to prepare reports and other documents to partners in RECCA VI conference.

Consequently, H.E the Deputy Minister of Public Works Noorgul Mangal briefly spoke about the progress and problems of rail and road projects in Afghanistan, saying that Afghanistan without development of railways and roads cannot be connected with neighboring countries and benefit from its transit position.

Furthermore, Mr. Jarullah Mansouri, Deputy Minister of Transport asked for compensation of landlocked and isolation of transportation of Afghanistan, in addition, he added that if we do not take seriously the project of railways and roads, the international market cannot wait for us.

Unfortunately, so far we have not been able to implement the international road transport system, and this would be the key question in RECCA IV conference. Then, Wahidullah Waissi Director of Economic Cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided information on collecting data about the progress and challenges of the RECCA V project partners and calling for new plans projects for RECCA VI.