Terms of Reference

National Focal Points Draft Terms of Reference for RECCA Implementation

The chief measure of success for the RECCA involves the level  of implementation for the RECCA commitments made, including the extent to which people and governments in the region receive tangible economic, social, and political benefits.

The Government of Afghanistan is considering the establishment of a RECCA implementation group through identifying National Focal Points in participating countries to provide strategic leadership in promoting improved regional economic cooperation.

The role of the National Focal Points for the RECCA, both generating and coordinating development projects that are regional in nature, fosters appropriate political climate to improve implementation. All discussions and products developed by the implementation group would form the basis for RECCA gatherings and its ministerial meetings.

The following Terms of Reference defines the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the National Focal Points of the RECCA implementation group.

  1. Serves as a primary point of contact for the RECCA Secretariat in Kabul on overall programming and implementation process of the RECCA activities,
  2. Chief responsibility for follow-up to annual RECCA meeting decisions in their respective countries,
  3. Analyze and make policy recommendations for advancing current and future RECCA projects implementations,
  4. With support of RECCA Secretariat, plan meeting and facilitate policy  implementation discussions,
  5. Oversee, review and report RECCA projects within their countries and develop reports,
  6. Provide national expertise for all RECCA activities and its implementation process,
  7. Keep relevant members of their government/ Cabinet apprised of progress related to the projects and its activities,
  8. Facilitate specific RECCA strategy implementation instruments at the national level such as Infrastructure Fund, Results Frameworks, Road Show opportunities, and related business/investment events,
  9. Facilitate the work on future RECCA events, including ministerial, and working group meetings