RECCA III - Islamabad 2009

Overview of the Third Regional Economic Cooperation Conference for Afghanistan
13-14 May 2009 - Islamabad

One of the efforts that have been striving to have regional economic cooperation in South and Central Asia so as to assist Afghanistan is Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA). RECCA is a forum that has been managed to promote stabilization in Afghanistan and South and Central Asian regional economic integration.

The 3rd Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan was held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 13-14 May 2009. The conference became a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas among the political leadership, economic decision-makers, experts on development and cooperation and the international development partners. Participants of the conference discussed themes on “Regional Cooperation in a Development Perspective” and technical areas as mining, energy and Infrastructure, health, labor movement and human resources development, overland trade and transit issues between countries and regions.

The Conference considered specific projects in the above fields. The Conference noted that Transport, Trade, Energy Cooperation, Agricultural Cooperation, Capacity Building and Education, Border Management, Health, Counter Narcotics and Refugee Return and Reintegration are areas with considerable scope for mutually beneficial regional cooperation. The result of discussions in the Conference was adopted as Islamabad Declaration.

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